Monday, February 16, 2009

Late V-Day Post

I have NOT been doing too good at blogging this past week! I took off work Thursday to get ready for my Valentine's weekend with my boyfriend. Got up and got my hair colored and cut, and I am SO happy with it! I went to a new stylist my mom recommended. She's really young, but owns the salon and she was so sweet...fabulous job on her part I must say! Then I made the 6 hour journey up to Indiana for a sweet reunion with my love. It really is good for our relationship going a few weeks without seeing each other. I would love to see him everyday, but when I go a month without him it really makes us appreciate our time together.
Thursday night he had a late rehersal, so I hung out in the hotel for a little while. When he got back we popped some popcorn and watched a movie...stayed up and talked for hours which was really nice. Niether one of us are really phone talkers...we like the face-to-face chats. Friday he had class for a few hours, so I made a trip to the mall and window shopped. I am SO proud to say I didn't purchase one thing! That is a serious accomplishment for me. Then we had a sushi date with some drinks at the best Japanese resturant I've ever had! And, yes, I ate sushi....the kind with fish (so sue me!)
Friday we slept in til almost noon and laid around watching movies all day. It was so great to just be able to lay around with no place to go! Then he took me to an amazing Italian place for our Valentine's dinner. We were in the wine tasting room of the resturant that they set just a few tables up for special occasions. Low lights, candles, wine, lounge was absolutly perfect! Another tradition we have (may sound weird) is to get doughnuts from Wal-Mart and eat on them all weekend whenever I go to visit. Call it silly, but they are only $3.50 for a dozen, and are AMAZING! They were all pink and red decorated with hearts - so cute! I totally splurged and threw any healthy eating out the window haha! We've all got to do it every once in a while!
So yesterday was a very sad day coming home :-( I'm missing him like crazy already. But it was a very romantic weekend...just reassured me that I am with the right person! He is truly my best friend, and I couldn't ask for a better man in my life!
So how was everyone else's weekends? I know a lot of people that just stayed in and cooked (which believe me - I think it's a great idea!) If he had a full kitchen and not just a rinky-dink college apartment we might have done the same. So much for saving money! Maybe next year.

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Laurel said...

oh I so need to get my hair colored!!! that just remided me! Thanks!