Sunday, February 1, 2009

Football & Food

Superbowl Sunday!!! YAY! In my family we are all sports nuts, especially with football! (More so college than pro - GO DAWGS!) We always have a huge Superbowl party at my uncle's house. He's in his late 20's and never been married, so he has the perfect bachelor pad for such an occasion. Everybody brings appetizers and beer and we make it an all day event - SO much fun! The house sitting has gone pretty good this weekend. The little brothers behaved themselves very well (gasp!)

I'm not much of a "party girl" at all. My idea of a good time is hanging out at the house, cooking dinner & drinking wine, then watching a movie or playing Scene It (lame...? maybe.) But every once in a while I do like going out to a bar and cutting loose. The only problem is there is really only one or two bars around here. This means when you go there you see SO many old faces from high school. This sometimes makes for awkward run-ins and forced conversation. Regardless of this, I said "what they heck" and decided to go Saturday with my uncle (the "bachelor" - see above) and I honestly had a really good time! It wasn't too crowded and I saw a few people I was actually good friends with in high school. It was really good to be able to catch up with them! PLUS we saw someone semi-famous working there! Does anyone remember Cohutta from the Real World Sydney? Well I thought he was from Texas, but it turns out he's a good ol' Georgia boy and he was working as a bartender there! I thought that was too crazy! Real celebrity? Not really...but still cool.

Yesterday was made up of drinking lots of water (3 rum & diets at the bar = dehydrated next day) and shopping with my aunt and little cousins. My two younger cousins are my heart! They are the most gorgeous children I have ever seen (I'm not bias at all - hehe) and so funny! Dylan is a one-year-old with supermodel good looks already. She's just starting to run around and talk, and it's so funny to see her developing her own little personality. Baylee is three, and let me just say...she's in charge! She's very independent and always knows what she wants. She's so smart it blows me away. I can't say enough about these little girls! Their mom (my aunt) is about ten years older than me, and she was the closest thing to a sister I had growing up. I idolized her! So it's so sweet to me seeing them look up to me the way I did to her (tear).

Baylee & I on Halloween little bumblebee! Look at her cute antennae!

Always laughing!

These girls LOVE diet coke! Haha - it's so weird!

Her future's so bright...

My favorite picture of uncle is a great photographer and a wiz with Photoshop


In my quest for the perfect Valentine's Day dress I got a great purse and four tops at TJ Maxx. I'm obsessed with this store! I could dig around for hours there. One of the tops is a dark purple cardigan - 100% cashmere that is got for $10 on clearance! I was really proud of that one. Then we went to Target so I could pick up cookie dough and frosting for my cute little Valentine's cookies. Spent more money than I thought I would, as usual! Have I even found a dress yet you ask? Nope. Sigh. There's always next weekend!


Being Brazen said...

Your cousins are sooo cute!

I used to LOVE shopping at TJ Maxx in America. SO cheap and so much good stuff (if you dig around)

Alyssa said...

Your kids are too cute! I love doing my daughters hair pig tails like that! She calls them pig tail balls ; )