Monday, February 9, 2009

Warm Weather!

The weather today will be (drum roll please!)....70! I couldn't be happier! The weather was amazing this weekend! Sunshine all day - it totally lifted my spirits and put me in a great mood! Saturday morning I had the first read-through for the show. I did not get the part I was dying for, however, I did get a principle role. (There are only 4 roles for girls...geeze!) I'm Aphra, Noahs son Ham's wife (if any of you are Bible scholars out there - I'm sure not, sorry!) The best part - I get to play a pregnant woman haha! We've all been getting a kick our of that! I really do like everyone in the cast. It's going to be a great time!

After the read-through I went to eat at our favorite Mexican resturant and ate WAY too much food! The ate to much food where you can feel your stomach poke out for a day haha! Then I had a super fun girls night with my ol' hot tubbing buddies! Well, almost a girls night. Their two little brothers were there (ages 5 & 7) and taught us how to play Rock Band! Ever played? MAKE IT A HABIT! We had the best time! We seriosuly probably played for 4 hours. While I brought out my inner Pat Benetar and Courtney Love, my friends made us a big pitcher or Malibu Rum and pineapple juice...we have a bad habit of just making up random (sometimes not so tasty) drinks, but this one was a winner - trust me!

Yesterday we drove out to probably my favorite city in Georgia - Athens! Aaaaaand I finally bought my elliptical! It's a smaller elliptical that doubles as a bike. It was middle of the road as far a price, but it really suit me. I already can't wait to get off work and put it together. Yes - I will be putting it together myself (no help from my stepdad) while watching The Barefoot Contessa after work. I have faith in my mechanical skills! :-) I also bought a resistance band that came with 2 posters of excersizes to do with them plus a DVD - for only 5 bucks! Yay for Academy Sports! Being there (Athens) really made me miss my college days. Not the actual college part (I hate school), but the town, the environment, the's such a cool place to live. Very eclectic little shops, great wine bars, awesome places to eat! I could walk around downtown all day long from shop to shop. I have got to make going back there a regular thing! Well now I suppose it's off to work for what I'm sure will be the longest dragging work week ever (since I am heading our Thursday to see the BF!) I hope everyone has a great start to the week!

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