Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm hooked again!

So why in the world did I ever stop shopping at American Eagle? I think it's because when I graduated high school I thought I was a little too grown-up for it...PSH! YEAH RIGHT! Have you seen all the adorable stuff they have lately? It's so cute and Bohemian without being over the top and tacky. And the prices are not bad at all! It makes me even more excited for Spring and Summer. These are a few of the pieces that MUST make it into my closet :

Floral Cami - $24.40

Floral Dress - $44.50

Knit Skirt - $24.50

Watercolor Bikini - $19.50 & $14.50

Striped Shorts - $39.50

Sunrise Sandals - $29.50

Other than American Eagle the only other thing on my mind is how excited I am that tomorrow I will hopefully be purchasing a NEW CAR! I have a Jeep Liberty right now and have had so many problems with it - I'm over it. And everyone has told me now is the time to buy since they're so cheap. So I'm looking at VWs...mainly Passats and Jettas. Cute, little, clean white car for me is what I'm keeping my fingers crossed for!


Liana said...

ooh i'll have to go to AE its been a while. get a jetta!!! mine has been awesome with no big problems!

Anonymous said...

On your reccomendation I took a trip to AE recently ... and OMG!!! their dresses!!! I almost spent my entire pay check! Thank you !!!

Dallas Shaw said...

great picks


A "cheery" disposition said...

super cute finds.

A "cheery" disposition said...

I like the striped shorts.

down and out chic said...

oooh, i might need to get those shorts.