Monday, February 23, 2009

My Top Oscar Picks

Taraji P. Henson - She is adorable and seems like she has such a cute, bubbly personality
Natalie Portman - Probably my favorite look of the night!

Kate Winslet - Has she ever had a bad red carpet look?

Freida Pinto - Always picks great colors that look amazing with her skin

Anne Hathaway - The only sparkly gown I was crazy about

Angelina Jolie - Ice Queen...yes! But she looks good, as usual

Amy Adams - Wowed me in Doubt, and blew me away with the outfit!
I was super tired waking up this morning for work being as how the Oscars didn't finish until midnight, but it was worth it seeing all the gorgeous gowns, heart-felt speeches, and very funny songs and jokes by Hugh Jackman. My family and I had a mock ballot where we places our "bets" on the winners aaaaaand I won! We picked 10 categories we thought were the biggest of the night, and I only missed two (I had my money on Mickey Rourke for Best Actor and Marisa Tomei for Best Supporting Actress). Other than the Oscars, my weekend was fairly boring!
Busy week ahead of me though...tomorrow is the dreaded dentist for my fillings. Then work, rehearsal, and more rehearsal! I got asked to sing some lounge type songs from the 20s with some more regulars around our community theatre for a fundraiser Saturday night, so I'll practice for that an hour every night before my show's rehearsal. I'm excited about that - I love all the jazz and blues music from that era, so I'll try to do the standards proud! Anyone else have any exciting plans for the week? I hope the Monday's haven't gotten everyone else as bad as they've got me...


Lindsey said...

I loved all of those gowns too! And I am def tired from staying up so late too!

Lyndsy said...

Loved them all but not sure about Amy Adams. Loved the necklace but the dress was not my favorite!