Thursday, February 5, 2009

EBay Tricksters!

In my never ending quest for my Valentine's dress I decided to look on EBay just for kicks. Well I ended up finding the PERFECT dress! It was a red, satin, corset top dress with tags still on it for $158. My highest bid was $50! Now my morning is ruined because some trickster outbid me by one stinkin dollar at the last minute. The bidding ended at midnight, and this little girl is counting sheep by 10PM every night. No late night bidding wars for me. So I will journey on this weekend, I suppose. Do any of you girls have a favorite place to shop for dresses?
Today is the last day in my work week so I'm pretty excited about the weekend. Tonight I am auditioning for a musical at our community theater called "Children of Eden". It chronicles the stories of the Old Testamant from Adam and Eve up to Noah. I haven't studied up on it too much (which I should have) but the music is beautiful. Some really upbeat fun songs, and some sweet ballads. I also think I'm going to be doing hair and makeup for the show! That will be so much fun! All of the kids 10 and under will be dressed as animals, so lots of cute face painting! I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow!
The only other plans I have this weekend include going to a bar/club I like to see an artist I'm not crazy about. The bar is one of the biggest around (I WANT to say the biggest dance floor in the country...don't quote me!) and is a ton of fun. But I'm just not that into country music (aside from Taylor Swift & Carrie em!), and the guy playing is like country/rock. It will be a good time no matter what, though.
I'm sure another update will come before the end of the day! Do you girls have any fun weekend plans? Let's hear about them! :-)


Ruggy13 said...

aww sorry about your dress!! you'll find another one!

LyndsAU said...

sad about the dress!! i hate it when that happens!! you will find a beautiful one I am sure! can't wait to hear!
my weekend consists of work :( boo

Superficialgirl said...

Oh no! I hate it when i get outbid last minute :(