Thursday, January 29, 2009

House Sitting

The past two days at work have been CRAZY! I feel more exhausted after coming home than I have in a long time! We were told today that there could possibly be a layoff starting Monday. I absolutely despise talking about the economy and all that that includes, but when hard-working good people are losing their jobs I have to show compassion. I am very blessed (like I have said) to work for my family's company. I make good money and work with wonderful people; and I actually enjoy what I do! But I am a 21 year old with a car payment and cell phone bill. I don't have a spouse and multiple mouths to feed every month. I absolutely cannot imagine that kind of responsibility. So I am torn. I really don't think I will be laid off (even though I am one of the most recent to be employed), but I also don't think it's fair that just because I am family I get to keep my job. Does anyone else share a struggle like this? I honestly couldn't live with myself if I saw 40 other people with a mortgage and a family be let go and me not. (NOT saying I want to be let go - PLEASE don't get me wrong!)

Let's change to a lighter subject! I am house sitting this weekend for my parents. They are out of town with my step-dad's business and I have been called to "babysit" my 13 and 17 year old brothers...just to ensure there are no throw downs while they're gone. This also includes cooking gourmet dinners of Ramen noodles and Moose Tracks ice cream. Easiest weekend of my life! Not to mention drinking marvelous Cabernet while watching Sex & The City...ah - relaxation! Tomorrow will consist of shopping for Valentine's gifts, taking some clothes to Goodwill & shopping for an elliptical trainer. I am super excited about that! Do any of you have one of your own? I need to know the best kind to get, but I'm kind of in the dark.

I was also thinking today (today has been a very reflective kind of day) much effort does it take to give someone you care about a compliment? Do we ever really stop to think about how one kind sentence out of our mouth could make someone else's day? If you love someone - tell them. If a girlfriend of yours has great style - let her know. If a family member does something out of their way to make you happy - let them know you appreciate it. Ten seconds out of your day could make someone else feel like they are floating in the clouds. Not to say you should base your worth on what other people say about you! It's just nice every once in a while to hear something to make you feel special. Just a thought...

Well it's off to fabulous Mad Housewife wine and movies for me...I will let you know how the shopping goes tomorrow!


jlc said...

What a cute blog!!

I have a feeling we'd get along fine in real life. Yay Sex and the City!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

your getting an elliptical!?! So jealous! :)

CRBarrett said...

Let's try not to do any drukin blogging this week end ok! I think that would probably be considered blog trizzle.